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Premier Dance Session + Package Info and Rates

  • SF19, St. Louis, IL
  • SF19, St. Louis, IL

Dance - Beauty. Grace. Style. Flight!

Although I love my Headshot and Portrait sessions, you tell me you can dance and I'm a kid in a candy store!  I look at this as the trifecta of all of my photography sessions I offer that combine expression, composition with a touch of artistic flare.  Let's make some great art.

All my sessions have pretty much a similar structure.  When you work with me you are entering not only a photo session where we capture photos and send you on your way but a holistic branding experience. From the moment you inquire, I'll set up a phone consultation to review your goals of the shoot.

I will only do 1 Dance session per day where you have more than enough time to try all the looks you have in mind. Before we adventure outdoors, we will sit down to plan out the session with outfits and up to 2 locations in the downtown Chicago area.  During your session, we will have music of your choice playing for inspiration.  It will be fun and energetic and maybe I'll dance a bit too! I will be coaching you on head angles, expressions, positioning.  We'll take breaks in between to see how we're doing and tweak any shots that will give you that WOW factor.

After your session, we'll head back to the studio  and go through your photos together because it can be overwhelming to do this on your own. This is called the "culling" process. I'll give you as much input as you like on one photo vs. another and after it all, you will have chosen the number of images that meet your personal brand objectives.

R A T E S - The Outdoor Dance shoot is a flat $400 for the session only.

This Includes:

- 30 min Pre-session phone consultation

- No Time Limit On Your Session

- Transportation to shoot location from Studio within the Chicago Downtown area (exclusions: Parking paid by client)

- Unlimited Outfit Changes Shoot 

- One on One Post Session Advice For Image Selection

- JPGs or Prints are not included in the session fee.

J P G s  o r  P r i n t  P a c k a g e  R A T E S - Starting from $300+

At the end of the session you can either choose a JPG or Print Package.  Each chosen image are artfully retouched and we'll review through the array of print products to share for auditions to Fine Art prints to display for all to enjoy. It is my goal to make sure your images are of the very highest quality and that they represent you in the way you need it to while accomplishing those timeless, creative art.

A huge amount of my business is based on referrals and would love for you to leave the shoot and tell your friends all about your Dance Shoot and what a great experience you had. I look forward to working with you. Please inquire today!

Add On Service

- Makeup Artist $125 (please inquire during consultation)

- Outside Downtown Chicago (+75)

- Available for Travel 

*Prices subject to change.

**Chicago Bookings**

**Portland Bookings**

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